Video: Wilson Chandler's baseline bomb on JaVale McGee

With the New York Knicks leading the Washington Wizards by five points at Madison Square Garden on Friday night, Wilson Chandler(notes) took a handoff from Danilo Gallinari(notes) in front of the Knicks bench and made a beeline down the baseline, meeting Wizards center JaVale McGee(notes) at the tin. The result:

Oof. Got to be more careful next time, Mr. McGee. It's a (concrete) jungle (where dreams are made of) out there, you know?

Chandler finished with 14 points, six rebounds and one filthy reverse sledgehammer as the Knicks notched a 112-91 win, spoiling the MSG debut of Wizards rookie John Wall(notes) and the regular-season return of Gilbert Arenas(notes) after his 50-game suspension for bringing guns into the locker room of the Verizon Center last season.

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