Video: Watch Serge Ibaka block 10 shots against the Mavericks


Oklahoma City has so many good young players that some of them get lost in the shuffle. For instance, few power forwards in the league have progressed as quickly as 22-year-old Serge Ibaka, and yet he's consistently overshadowed by Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden and the venerable 27-year-old Kendrick Perkins. He'd get far more attention on another team. Then again, he probably also wouldn't be nearly as close as he is to an NBA championship.

Nevertheless, Ibaka is much-loved by those in the know, and for good reason. In fact, he just happened to be the star of OKC's 95-86 win over the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night. Yes, Durant and Westbrook combined for 56 points, but Ibaka held down the paint with a whopping 10 blocks to set a franchise record (that includes the Seattle days, for the sake of accuracy, though no one can be blamed for considering that a different team). Now, you can watch them all above via this handy video.


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