Video: Watch Kevin Durant dominate an Oklahoma State intramural football game

Oklahoma City All-Star Kevin Durant took part in a flag football game at Oklahoma State University on Monday night, and you have to admit the lanky top scorer throws a pretty sound spiral.

Because the NBA didn't start to bargain with its players until after the summer ended, we can safely say that Durant had the busiest offseason of any NBA star. Others may have rushed off to sham marriages or shilled for sneaker companies overseas, but Durant took part in both the Rucker and Goodman leagues, and it appears as if autumn (with no NBA games until at least the start of December) won't be much different.

Here's the video of his time spent running the option with an OSU fraternity in an intramural flag football battle, as filmed by Adam Kemp. In it, student George Overbey discusses just what it took to get Durant to toss on his familiar number 35 again, along with a series of unfamiliar flags dotting his team shorts:

Durant's (characterized by Overbey as "the nicest guy ever") final tally? Four touchdowns and three interceptions. Probably par for the course for someone with that wingspan. He also drew a police escort as his massive blacked-out van pulled away following the game, but that's also par for the course on some of Sigma Nu's wilder nights.

Click the jump to see one of Durant's lowlights, an interception, from the contest. Video courtesy of Jeff Johnson of

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(Via EOB.)

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