Video: Watch the end of Thursday’s Thunder/Mavericks clutch-fest

Ball Don't Lie

Spoiler alert: Oklahoma City beat Dallas 104-102 on Thursday night, and Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, and Vince Carter were prominently involved. No complaining, because you had time to get out of the way following my "alert," assuming you were unaware of Thursday's outcome.

Of course, were this the case, you won't mind that I ruined the outcome of this contest, because of the video you're about to click the big "play" button on, posted below. In an NBA that is currently featuring a litany of teams just trying to catch their breath and learn the plays, these two gave us a classic. With a suitable ending.

Watch the last ten seconds of this killer, uninterrupted, as it unfolds:

Fantastic. Time to catch up, other 28 teams.

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