Video: Warriors owner Joe Lacob got excited for his birthday

If you haven't heard, on Tuesday night the Golden State Warriors beat the Miami Heat 111-106 in overtime. It was a crazy game, with the Warriors coming back from 17 down in the second half, not getting a shot off on the final possession of regulation, and shutting down Miami's stars in the fourth quarter and extra period. It was unexpected and thrilling, the sort of game that happens in Oakland every so often but never ceases to amaze.

Tuesday was also the birthday of Joe Lacob, now in his second full season as majority owner of the franchise. Understandably, he was excited that the Warriors came through with the biggest win of his tenure on his very special day. On the other hand, he probably got a little too amped about the whole thing. Check out the video above. Or, if you want it forever, check out the animated GIF from Timothy Burke at Mocksession. After that, try to get it out of your brain. It will be very difficult.

Then again, maybe he wasn't even excited about the game. I bet someone got him the socks he wanted!

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