Video: Want to a hire a man who slightly resembles Pau Gasol?

Times are hard, and the last thing we want to do is call into question an honest man's attempts to make a buck, but the idea of hiring a man for your next party or event because he has a neckbeard and appears to be of above-average height seems ludicrous to us.

Even if he looks slightly like Pau Gasol(notes). And even if he (at the 1:39 mark of this video) appears to be accomplished in the realm of falconry.

Here, via John Ireland's Twitter account, is the story of a man who walks the streets and beaches of Los Angeles, looking somewhat like Lakers All-Star Pau Gasol:

The man's name is Michael Fanter, and there's a reason that you don't see many close up shots of his face in this video. There's also a reason he only appears to be posing with people of less-than-average height. And there's a reason he only has six buckets some 30 seconds into a game of Pop-a-Shot.

He is available for parties, though, through his website. And if your son or daughter is, let's say, a casual fan of pro basketball? Or if they've recently misplaced their glasses? Then Fanter seems like the perfect hire.

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