Video: Wade hits LeBron for a full-court alley-oop

Usually, these video posts contain an elegant little introduction to set up the play at hand. In this case, though, it's not really necessary, because you read this title and just want to see two All-NBA talents complete the kind of play you can't even pull off in a video game. So here it is: Dwyane Wade(notes) gets a rebound and throws a baseball pass the entire length of the floor to LeBron James(notes) in midair for a lay-up. Then a chorus of angels descend from the heavens and sing the most beautiful song in the history of time.

On Twitter, James just decided to call it "probably the best pass in NBA history."

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A few weeks ago, we asked if a 70-foot alley-oop from the Warriors' Stephen Curry to Dorell Wright was the longest in league history. And while a lay-up might not count for the purposes of this discussion, this play from Wade to James is clearly the longest ever because, well, it is not physically possible for there to be a longer play. That will only happen after the robot uprising when giant mechanical beasts play basketball instead of humans. I've watched that computer on "Jeopardy" this week, so I know this future is coming sooner than later.

But that's a long time off, so let's talk about human basketball. When LeBron went to Miami, everyone expected him and Wade to join together for unparallelled sporting feats like this one on a regular basis. For the most part, opponents have been able to keep these superhero team-ups to a minimum. But when they happen, they're as enjoyable as anything that happens around the NBA. Savor this play, because you might not get another from these two for a while.

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