Video: Udonis Haslem inspires a rap hook

(Warning: There's a lot of NSFW language in this one, so proceed with caution.)

NBA players get name-checked with regularity in hip-hop songs, from Jay-Z's LeBron/Wade references in "Empire State of Mind" to Trife da God mentioning Bonzi Wells in Ghostface Killah's "Biscuits." If a player hasn't been named in one, he's probably not very good, or at least not exciting enough to warrant a shout-out.

For the most part, workmanlike role players don't get any shine. So it's something of a surprise to see the title of the new track "Udonis Haslem (I'm So Handsome)" from Heat fan O'Grime feat. Metro Zu (via TBJ). Again, there are lots of naughty words, but the hook is right there in the title. If this song becomes a hit, you can expect it happened because of Haslem and his very hip, not at all outdated cornrows.

In fact, it's likely that this song will spark a trend. After the jump check out several great ideas for hooks based on the names of Miami Heat role players.

1. "Jamaal Magloire (Gimme Some More)"

2. "Mario Chalmers (Ma, You're Awesome)"

3. "Mike Miller (Make Skrilla)"

4. "Mike Bibby (Sike, Baby)"

5. "Eddie House (Heady Joust)"

6. "Joel Anthony (Slow Those Fans For Me)"

Those six are free. If you want the really good ones, you'll have to pay.

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