Video: Ty Lawson beats the buzzer from 75 feet out

The coolest thing about Ty Lawson(notes) beating the clock with a beyond-three-quarter-court heave is that his Denver Nuggets definitely needed the breathing room — behind Eric Gordon(notes) and Blake Griffin(notes), the energetic young Los Angeles Clippers were nipping at the Nugs' heels, trailing by just one on the road as the third quarter drew to a close. Lawson's prayer pushed the lead to four heading into the final frame, and Denver was able to hang on late for a 109-104 home win.

So often, successful conversions on long-range circus shots seem to come in the midst of a blowout, either further inflating a bloated lead or giving weary fanbases a momentarily jolt of adrenaline even as their team stinks on ice. Here, it really mattered in the flow of the game, which was super cool.

Actually, no, I'm wrong. It's only the second-coolest thing. The coolest thing is still that Ty Lawson threw a basketball at a hoop from 75 feet away and that it went through the hoop. That still takes the top prize in the Coolest Things Contest. (The top prize is whatever you want from Troll Book Club, free. Literally, anything. So cool.)

Five Nuggets scored in double figures in the win, including Lawson (11 points on 4-for-6 shooting, draining three of four attempts from distance) and fellow reserve scorer J.R. Smith(notes) (21 points on 6-for-10 shooting, including 3-for-5 from 3-point land). The Nuggets upped their mark on the young season to 12-6, while the Clips fell to 4-16.

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