Video: There are two portraits of Michael Jordan shaved into this gentleman’s hair

Ball Don't Lie

If you ever have a tough time deciding what kind of haircut you should get when you go to your barber/stylist, don't worry — I can help. This is the kind of haircut you should get. The "two pictures of Michael Jordan shaved into your head" haircut. Problem solved! We did it!

Now, you will have to go to San Antonio to get this haircut, because that is where Razor Sharp Cutz is, and Razor Sharp Cutz is where master barber Joe Barber — which is a pretty lucky last name, considering the profession he chose — makes people's heads into love letters to Michael Jordan. (It remains unclear if he will turn your head into this love letter from Michael Jordan. I bet he would, if you asked nicely enough.)

If you really care about looking great for your spring formal or that big job interview, though, you will spring for airfare, plus the $75 that Sweater Punch reports that this haircut will cost you. Sometimes you have to sacrifice for art.

Reached for comment, the six-time NBA champion, Chicago Bulls legend, Hall of Famer and Charlotte Bobcats owner said, "This is the greatest tribute anyone has ever paid to me." (NOTE: Not a real quote, but that's probably how he feels.)

If for some reason you are a crazy person who does not want the "two pictures of Michael Jordan shaved into your head" haircut, I guess you could always get Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Wolverine or Betty Boop, because those are obviously all options that are available to you. I guess the most important thing is, you should absolutely be getting someone's face shaved into your head. In Texas. We all should. Right now. Today. Let's get on Orbitz. I will meet you there.

Hat-tip to The Score.

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