Video: The Timberwolves/”Family Matters” mashup you’ve been waiting for

There is perhaps no NBA team as lovable as the Minnesota Timberwolves. With boy idol Ricky Rubio, rugged but gold-hearted power forward Kevin Love and wacky European Nikola Pekovic, they have all the elements of a traditional family sitcom. So much, in fact, that one fan, known on YouTube as "83markitos," has created a wonderful mashup featuring the team's roster as the cast of "Family Matters" (or, in this case, "Minnesota Matters").

There's a lot to recommend here, from "Jose Jordan Barea" to Pekovic obviously being introduced as the zany neighbor to the always-welcome presence of Jesse Fredrick's "As Days Goes By" theme song. There's even a clip from the classic episode in which Steve Urkel teamed up with Larry Johnson (in character as "Grandmama") in a local two-on-two tournament.

The only question is if this clip uses the right theme song. Given the Wolves' inconsistency and youth, "Growing Pains" might have been a better choice. Just imagine the perfection of the opening line playing over a video of Rubio smiling. Even Alan Thicke would approve of that.

(via SportsGrid)

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