Video: Ted 'Golden Voice' Williams meets Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant's(notes) aching right knee isn't allowing him to practice these days, as the years of wear and tear have noticeably taken something off his vertical. But that isn't stopping him from getting other people in the air. And not with those Kobe-styled pump fakes.

Ted Williams, the Golden Voice guy who seems to have met more famous people in the last five days than most people do in a lifetime, was at Laker practice on Monday because ... well, he's the Golden Voice guy. And as Kobe Bryant approached Williams before practice, Ted was seen jumping up and down in the air as the five-time champion approached.

Take a look:

I would say that if Williams wants to get back to hosting a Quiet Storm-styled show on a radio station anytime soon, he better chill out a little bit. It's hard to introduce a Teddy Pendergrass jam while you're bounding up and down.

Then again, it's Kobe Bryant. Jump away.

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