Video: Tayshaun Prince spins a bit short on the opening pitch

Ball Don't Lie

Tayshaun Prince, at 6-9, has rarely had to stretch for anything in his life. Next time he throws out the first pitch at a minor league baseball game on Labor Day weekend, though? He might pass on going from the stretch.

Labor Day shouldn't take a backseat to any major American holiday, except for the ways it takes a backseat to Memorial Day and July 4th. Still, the sun shines, the beer flows, the hot dogs burn needlessly on the grill, and the crack of the baseball bat resonates just as annoyingly on Labor Day as it does on any other summer holiday.

Though we've seen worse ceremonial first pitches in our lifetime, Tayshaun takes the Labor Day cake, as he attempts to sling one before a Lexington Legends game:

Forty-five out of 60 isn't a bad percentage, when you're working up 15-foot free throws. In fact, it's just a tick below Prince's career 76 percent free-throw workmanship. But throwing a 60-foot, six-inch opening pitch 45 feet? NBA blog post-worthy.

We have no fear that Prince, working from his regular windup, would nail a four-seamer right down the pike in the mid-90s. Maybe he was saving for his Detroit Tigers call-up?

(Pitchiness courtesy Steve Kays, via Top Prospect Alert, and we're very grateful to the Lexington Legends for the Labor Day laughs.)

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