Video surfaces of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ star roasting Donald Trump in 2004

Superfan TV

Curb Your Enthusiasm star, Susie Essman, stopped by the clubhouse on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen Sunday night to promote the upcoming season of Curb. While Essman was there, Cohen dove into “The Vault” and found an old video of the Curb star roasting Donald Trump back in 2004.

In the video, Essman is standing behind a podium at a luncheon, with Trump sitting next to her. Essman looked at Trump and said, “We met once, but you won't remember, because you weren't trying to sleep with me.” The New York comedian then added, “And, you know, that’s ‘cause I'm not your type, it’s okay. Because, you know, I'm smart, my tits are real, and I speak English.”

Trump seemed to be a good sport, but this was before Twitter so it’s hard to know what he really thought. Cohen asked Essman if Trump was laughing at her jokes, and she said, “He was gracious, which was surprising. But then I realized it is all about him. He was the center of attention.”

Although, Essman couldn’t curb her enthusiasm over the roast joke she liked the most. Essman interrupted Cohen and asked, “Can I just say my favorite line from that roast?” The Curb star continued, “It was a luncheon and I started off by saying, ‘Donald, did you enjoy your meal? I hear your hair ordered the salmon.’

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