Video: Steve Nash changes shorts on Suns bench just before tipoff

From Section H of the second Comment on the Rules in this year's Official Rules of the National Basketball Association: "Each player when introduced, prior to the game, must be uniformly dressed."

So, nice job avoiding a clear violation, Steve Nash(notes). Getting your teammates together to form a wall just before your Phoenix Suns took on the Chicago Bulls so that you could quickly ditch the practice shorts you mistakenly wore to the floor and don your regulation game kit? That was a smooth move. Making rookie Zabian Dowdell(notes) give up his gear so that you could make it out for tipoff? Likewise, shades of Sade.

Now, wearing the wrong shorts to the court in the first place? Not so smooth. But considering you missed the last two games with flu-like symptoms and flew out to Chicago late Monday night to join your team, we can make like people who didn't want to see your grundies on the bench and look the other way. After all, sometimes it takes a while for your synapses to resume proper operations after you've been sick. (This one time, I mixed up Rodney Stuckey(notes) and Rodney Carney(notes) in a headline. I know: Crazy, right?)

And besides, you caught the mistake before checking into the game. No harm, no Kevin Seraphin, no foul.

Nash wasn't his typically sharp self in his first game back, missing five of eight field-goal attempts and finishing with just six points. He did deliver 16 assists, though, including a beauty of a dime through the legs of Carlos Boozer(notes) to a cutting Marcin Gortat(notes) for an easy deuce. Pretty smooth move there.

But not getting a long-range attempt up in the closing seconds when your team needs a 3-pointer to tie, and ultimately notching a 97-94 loss after coming back from a 22-point third-quarter deficit? Advanced peanut butter metrics tell me that's uncharacteristically chunky.

Oh, well. At least he was dressed for the occasion.

International readers ("Int'l read'rs"): If the clip above isn't rocking for you, please feel free to peruse the shorts-change and five-hole dime elsewhere, courtesy of our friends at the National Basketball Association.

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