Video: Stephen Jackson's headband-wearing skills have diminished

Back in the day, Stephen Jackson(notes) could keep his headband in its proper place no matter what happened. Whether upsetting a No. 1 seed in the playoffs or attacking fans with Ron Artest(notes), Captain Jack's terrycloth sweat-soaker always stayed put.

But now, as he's gotten older, his ability to keep his headband where it should be has been severely hampered. I mean, in the olden days, a Matt Barnes(notes) head swat would have never knocked Jackson's headband off-kilter. Unfortunately, that's not the case anymore.

As I said last night, this would have never happened if Jackson still had those little twists in his hair, like he used to back in Indiana. I guess this is growing up.

They say that when you get older, the legs are the first thing to go. For Stephen Jackson, it's the headband. C'est la vie.

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