Video: Someone please brew the Timberwolves some coffee

Or, if you're someone who views the percolation process as too much of a pain and is thus someone I don't understand/believe exists, give the Minnesota Timberwolves some 5-Hour Energy. Because this whole "sleepwalking through plays" thing — first after a missed free throw against the Miami Heat, and now on an inbounds pass against the Phoenix Suns — is becoming kind of a bummer. I mean, sure, Josh Childress(notes) may be a big, huge dork, but you can't just blithely toss the ball in front of him like he's not even there.

The steal was one of three on the night for Childress, joining 10 points (on 5-for-6 shooting), four rebounds and three assists in a tidy little 29-minute bundle of contribution off the Phoenix bench that helped the Suns score a 108-98 win over the 'Wolves. The loss drops Kurt Rambis' team to 17-62, the worst record in the league, a half-game beneath the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As Nate Arch wrote after the game at stalwart T-Wolves blog Canis Hoopus, "After 6 first round draft picks, $20 mil in cap space, and a full year of not really trying [...] the Minnesota Timberwolves are now the worst team in all of professional basketball. If rock bottom wasn't so continuous it might be something to write about at length." (David Roth, reporting for fellow 'Sota blog A Wolf Among Wolves from the non-televised Tuesday night tilt between Minnesota and the New Jersey Nets, would argue that it is, indeed.)

On the plus side, this isn't the worst inbounds pass of the season. Thanks to DeMarcus Cousins(notes), that particular honor has already been awarded.

International readers ("Int'l read'rs"): If the clip above isn't rocking for you, please feel free to peruse the yoink elsewhere, courtesy of our friends at the National Basketball Association.

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