Video: A sneak peek at “Nash,” a documentary of a point guard

Steve Nash is a basketball savant, but he also has interests outside of the game. One of those is film -- he co-directed an entry in ESPN's "30 for 30" series and has shot a number of viral videos for the Suns. It's easy to imagine him becoming even more serious about directing and producing movies when his playing days end.

Now, Nash is set to become a subject in front of the camera for "Nash," a documentary that looks at the life of one of the NBA's most likable figures. As noted on, it's produced by Crunchtime Films in association with Donnelly Films. While the trailer makes it seem like a pretty standard profile doc, there are also some notable stylistic flourishes. It may be more interesting than your normal puff piece.

Oh, and there's also a talking-head appearance by Owen Wilson, which initially makes the trailer look like a parody. Maybe pick Luke Wilson next time, Steve. He's the serious brother.

(Via TBJ)

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