Video: Shaquille O’Neal’s 5-2 girlfriend carries Shaq across the floor … briefly

Shaquille O'Neal is still making his way through the promotional rounds, trying to drum up eager buyers for his tell-all book Shaq: Uncut, and on Wednesday he made a stop on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live." His 5-2 girlfriend Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander was also in the building, and she was almost crushed after ... well, just watch:

In just seconds, "Wow, that 5-2 woman is able to pick up 7-2, 350-pound Shaquille O'Neal and walk him across a floor in high heels" goes to "SOMEBODY CALL THE PARAMEDICS!"

Also, Shaq is 39-years-old, and he's spent most of that existence being much, much bigger than just about everyone else in the room. How does he not know his own strength, by now? She's 5-2! And wearing high heels!

That goes for the Kimmel staff, as well. Write it on a placard and put it on the side of the stage: NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO ATTEMPT TO CARRY SHAQUILLE O'NEAL.

(Here's a YouTube-version of the incident, all ready to roll for those of you trying to tune in internationally.)

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