Video: Shaq lip-synchs his intro to ‘Inside the NBA’

Lots of people were excited when Shaquille O'Neal was announced as an addition to the "Inside the NBA" crew, for obvious reasons. He's always been a personable guy with plenty of willingness to make fun of himself. On the other hand, sometimes his jokes can seem forced and prepared, which suggests that he might be an uneasy fit with the casual vibe of TNT's industry-best studio show.

Monday, Turner released its first ad touting Shaq's appearance on the show, and it will serve as evidence for either opinion. In the spot, he lip-synchs to an unfortunate cover of The Temptations' "Get Ready," complete with the Big Pundit's usual mugging. If you like Shaq's antics, this will probably be cool to you. If you don't, you'll probably wonder how "singing a song" qualifies as humor. Guess which side I'm on!

(via PBT)

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