Video: Shaq comes to arena in a Boston Bruins goalie mask

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There's a pretty good chance, if you're an NBA player (especially a famous NBA player), that you'll see a camera or two on your way into the locker room as you walk from the car park and through the bowels of the arena. But there's also a good enough chance the camera will miss you, as you make your way to the changing room. And even if it does hit you, so what? It's a 10-second clip that shows up in the early evening of a basic cable broadcast.

None of this matters to Shaquille O'Neal(notes), though, and this is why we love him. The guy showed up to Tuesday's Celtics/Cavaliers game sporting a Boston Bruins goalie mask, scaring thousands of little children throughout the New England area as they tuned in for the Celtic pregame show.

Take a look, kiddies:

Scary stuff indeed, and I am wondering how he found a mask big enough to fit Shaquille's rather large, eh, visage.

Still, way to endear yourself to the parents of those scared children. Spook the kids to an early bed, and show off your Boston-area loyalty along the way. Nice move, Boston's O'Neal.

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