Video: Russell Westbrook makes the TNT crew go nuts

TNT's NBA coverage has always stood out from its competition in that the announcers and analysts actually seem to be having a great time -- not just a marketer's approximation of what a great time looks and sounds like -- watching and talking about basketball. They make fun of each other, get excited after great plays, and call out bad teams and players for what they are. It's a little like watching a game with your friends, if your friends were former basketball players not allowed to say bad words.

Late in the second quarter of Thursday night's Thunder-Kings game, Russell Westbrook did something that made TNT announcers Kevin Harlan, Chris Webber and Reggie Miller react like three guys at your local bar. Moving off a screen from Kevin Durant, Westbrook drove to his right into the lane and took off from way back for a tomahawk slam. It was the most athletic play of the night, in any game, and so the TNT trio whooped, screamed, hollered, yelped and yawped in ways that communicated the sheer excitement of seeing another person do something only a few people in the world can do.

Watch the video above, via our friends at the Yahoo! Sports Minute, and try to be any more articulate in your reaction. You will probably fail.

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