Video: Russell Westbrook learns about awesome guard play, quality banking

The biggest complaint regarding All-Star Russell Westbrook's play for the Oklahoma City Thunder is that he doesn't quite know have the skills of a pure point guards. He's an athletic dynamo capable of scoring 30 points and dishing out 10 assists on any night, but he's not necessarily always looking to get everyone involved in the flow of the game. When he's come under particular scrutiny, it's been because he seems to treat crunch time as his moment to shine rather than sharing the load with more established star Kevin Durant. Westbrook is great, but some people aren't sure if his greatness can help a team win a championship.

That said, the video evidence above proves once and for all that a player with Westbrook's skills could totally dominate a middle school basketball game. In this advertisement for Oklahoma City bank BancFirst, Coach Westbrook allows a youngster to enter the game after many protestations and a sizable deficit. Naturally, that kid, armed with the toughness and resilience of all Oklahomans, unleashes some crazy dribbles and drives to win his team the game. Then, to finish it all off, he gives all credit to Westbrook in a positive inversion of the old "I learned it by watching you" PSAs.

If you're one of those people who believes Westbrook needs to temper his tendencies to look for his own shot, then this ad is bad news: the kid's success only proves that Wetbrook's approach works. Someone tell Durant to make a dueling spot in which sharing leads to caring.

(via and TBJ)

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