Video: Rudy Fernandez goes off-balance from deep, even if it doesn’t count

Rudy Fernandez has been a frustrating player in his three-year NBA career. He came to Portland after the 2008 Olympics with big expectations and for some time looked entirely capable of meeting them. Then he started complaining about playing time, hinted at making a move back to Spain, and found himself traded to the Dallas Mavericks this June. The headaches seem worth the trouble, though, because he's liable to pull off a great highlight at any moment.

Like, well, this one. Fernandez is spending the lockout with Real Madrid, although he has plans to return to America when the lockout ends. On this play, he showed the skills that make him such an enticement prospect. After a pump fake on the perimeter, Fernandez takes a foul and chucks the ball at the basket even though his body is nearly parallel to the baseline. It doesn't count, though, presumably because European continuation rules aren't the same as in the NBA, where a player can run three laps around the court and still get the basket allowed.

Plus, if you squint hard enough, you can pretend that Fernandez never left Spain. That way it's impossible to bemoan our lack of NBA. Everyone wins!

(Via Sportando)

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