Video: Roy Hibbert stays in NBA shape on ‘Parks and Recreation’

Ball Don't Lie

No amount of mildly inclement Indiana weather could have stopped us from either watching Thursday night's episode of NBC's "Parks and Recreation," or preventing us the chance to look up clips of Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert acting as himself on "Parks and Rec" the following morning. Actually, one of those things is true.

But thanks to YouTube, for now, we do have a clip of Roy slumming at the Entertainment 720 offices, via TBJ:

Also, Tom Haverford? It's a lockout, not a "strike." I'm not using my Entertainment 720 mouse pad after hearing that.

Not bad for a B-story, Ken Tremendous; especially with the Ron/Tammy A-story flowing so freely. Although I still won't forgive you for naming the doofiest character in television's best comedy (based on a middling town in central Indiana) "Dwyer."

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