Video: Ron Artest dives in stands, knocks coffee on a fan

Laker forward Ron Artest(notes) dove into the stands on Sunday while chasing a loose ball. His primary victim had his head down, clueless about the approaching Lakers' defensive mastermind, and had his coffee spilled as a result. And, I'm sorry, we've no sympathy for the un-caffeinated guy, who goes by "Bob."

Ron Artest? He was quite sympathetic about it, mainly because the man he dove into was wearing a shirt that could be easily stained by coffee. He even mentioned this to the Spurs fan in their short time together, as Bob told ABC's Lisa Salters that Artest "said he was sorry that I had a white shirt on."

For Spurs fans, there wasn't much to take in during Sunday's loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers came out seething, hitting heaps of jumpers, and turning this into a blowout well before halftime. Still, you still have to pay passing attention to the game at hand, even if you need some late afternoon coffee to keep up.

Especially if you have a front-row seat.

Especially if the game features a player, in Ron Artest, who is known best for failing to think twice about taking his particular blend of basketball into the stands.

First off, coffee? Who order coffee during games. But coffee? Can I buy a brother a bottle of water?

Bad jokes aside, you have to admire the way our man took the hit. And we really appreciate the way the San Antonio vendors clearly left that coffee at room temperature. Because anything close to approaching the proper temperature for a cup of joe would have scarred a whole front row.

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