Video: Ring in the new year with NBA bloopers!

We're usually loathe to post shots of guys getting hit in the junk here at Ball Don't Lie, but after a super-serious 2011 filled with super-serious things that super-seriously went absolutely nowhere, we're super-serious about trying new things. Just as long as it involves us sitting in the same old computer chair, posting silly things about basketball.

So, to start, here's former NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion Jason Richardson actin' like a mere mortal:

Put a tent on that circus!

Secondly, welcome Portland Trail Blazer forward Gerald Wallace into your home as he tries to save his team's possession by bouncing the ball off of Caron Butler in a (Johnny Carson voice, and lapel tug) slightly unsavory place:

Gerald's one of the good guys in this league, it should be noted, but hoop karma probably got to him following that toss. Wallace missed all five of his field-goal attempts in Portland's loss. Caron Butler, meanwhile, had to endure the lame jokes of Portland's basketball announcing duo from 50 feet away.

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