Video: Ricky Rubio dribbles through DeMarcus Cousins’ legs, alley-oops to Blake Griffin

When the rosters for the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge were picked last Thursday, the tandem of Ricky Rubio and Blake Griffin on Team Shaq looked especially great for its alley-oop potential. With Griffin held out of most of the game to keep him fresh for Sunday's All-Star Game, the results on Friday night were mostly underwhelming. Yet, in the short time these players did play together, they did hook up for one memorable moment.

Very early in the second half, Rubio took an outlet pass and started the break by calmly dribbling the ball through opponent DeMarcus Cousins' legs. Then, to prove that play was just part of the experience, he finished things off with an easy alley-oop to Griffin. It was fun, creative, and unique — exactly the kind of play that makes this game one of the best events of All-Star Weekend every year.

The only downside is that Cousins could feel ashamed of himself for the next two weeks. Of course, given his usual demeanor, he'll probably just get upset and play even better when the Kings return to action this week.

(Video via TBJ)

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