Video: A reminder that Blake Griffin is awesome

Rookie forward Blake Griffin(notes) has been the highlight king of this season by a wide margin, for both the ferocity of his dunks and the unreal frequency of them. For the last few weeks, though, he's been strangely quiet, putting in decent lines but not the sort of numbers that made him a selection to the All-Star team in February. On top of that, his highlights have been just impressive rather than mind-boggling. It was enough to make you think that he had hit a rookie wall.

It turns out that was a bunch of crap. Over the weekend, Griffin unleashed four dunks (OK, three dunks and one non-dunk) that help explain exactly why he's one of the hottest road tickets in basketball. The first, which can be seen above, didn't actually count, but it nevertheless involved Griffin demolishing Suns center Marcin Gortat(notes) for a beastly combo dunk/throw-in. Gortat wasn't fully set and might have even been in the restricted area, but they whistled Griffin for his sixth foul anyway. Down 13 with four minutes remaining, the Clippers were unlikely to win the game even with Griffin, but the home fans were robbed of the potential for more exciting plays.

After the jump, check out Griffin's three dunks from Saturday's win over the Cavaliers.

These three probably aren't even among Griffin's 20 best dunks of the season, but they were the unquestioned highlight of Saturday's games. Just when you think Griffin is a normal basketball player, he unleashes an arsenal of jams that no one can match.

(First video via @outsidethenba, second video via ProBasketballTalk)

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