Video: The rap video an Oklahoma City Thunder employee was needlessly fired over

The owners of the Oklahoma City Thunder don't mind lying about their documented intentions to move the team from Seattle to OKC, or contributing huge gobs of money in to programs designed to help deny the right for two consenting adults to marry after falling in love, but if you're a Thunder employee and you dare post a rap video online chronicling your team's best players while sporting Thunder gear? Well, you better brush up on your resume, buddy, because you're going to be out on your (Thunder) butt.

Here's the completely inoffensive video, as found by Welcome to Loud City and via'd our way by Trey at The Basketball Jones:

Yeah, not great. Kind of annoying, childishly gross at times. And I'm sure the contract of the since-fired Thunder employee states that he's not allowed to use Thunder apparel for promotional clips that they don't approve of, but to axe a member of the team's cheering squad for … cheering for the team? Or is it because team co-owner Aubrey McClendon is afraid of butts?

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Even after Welcome to Loud City posted the clip on Monday night, and TBJ followed up on Tuesday afternoon, the video had just 2500 or so views. Nobody would have seen this thing, and yet the Thunder had to go ahead and make a Real Thing out of it by dumping the employee.

We love the Thunder. And despite the town's sleepy image, the Western Conference's best team has some rabid and devoted fans. Not only is it an absolute joy to watch Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook bash around the NBA at just 23 years of age, but watching a Thunder game played in OKC is a real treat. Those people love their team.

"Lunchmeat," the rapper/fired guy in this video, is amongst that lot. And why his team went out of their way to cite some lame contract provision and dump the him for creatively lauding his favorite team is beyond us. Then again, a lot of the things the Thunder ownership does are beyond us. And beneath us.

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