Video: Rajon Rondo sneaks a peek into the Miami huddle

Sunday's battle between the Celtics and Heat came down to the wire, with Boston pulling out the 85-82 win in large part because LeBron James(notes) missed one of two free throws down two points in the final few seconds. In that kind of game, every play matters. And that's exactly why we should credit Rajon Rondo(notes) for trying to sneak a peek into the Heat huddle, as seen in the video above.

During a stoppage in play halfway through the third quarter, Rondo decided to saunter towards a Heat huddle and see if he couldn't glean some information from their talk. Rondo giggled while doing it, as did LeBron James as he playfully pushed Rondo away, but commentator Jeff Van Gundy didn't take too kindly to the antics. You see, a huddle is like a man's backyard, and you don't trespass without permission. Expect more notes on the importance of property rights from JVG throughout the NBA season.

It's unclear if Rondo's gambit produced any important information, but no one can deny that he is the Celtic best equipped to be a successful spy. While Shaquille O'Neal(notes) and Kevin Garnett(notes) like to talk, Rondo is stone-faced and speaks so rarely that he probably could have been a great mime. Just imagine if he were captured by the opposition during a war. I bet you 40 bucks he wouldn't tell anyone the location of the secret nuclear base.

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