Video: Rajon Rondo loves 'America's Funniest Home Videos'

This isn't what we'll remember about Rajon Rondo's(notes) all-time epic performance in the Boston Celtics' 97-87 Game 4 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, and it shouldn't be. We should, and undoubtedly will, look reverentially upon the extraterrestrial 29-18-13 line with which the fourth-year point guard snuffed the Cavs. We'll speak in hushed tones about how dominant a force he was and how, with a little help off the bench from unlikely hero Tony Allen(notes), he evened this Eastern Conference Semifinals series at 2-2.

But I think there's enough time in our basketball-appreciating lives — and surely enough love in our hearts — for us to briefly enjoy this video of Rajon Rondo hitting Anderson Varejao(notes) in the groin with a basketball.

It's a crafty veteran move that takes a profoundly Gen-X turn, which I think will appeal to BDL's target demographic of old young people that don't particularly like Anderson Varejao (for example, Glen "Big Baby" Davis). Not to mention that it further fleshes out Varejao's already obvious "Simpsons" connection. It works on so many levels.

Video courtesy of @Jose3030.

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