Video: Quentin Richardson plays defense from the bench

There's an old basketball cliche that certain veteran players provide a great presence on the bench and in the locker room. That's a nice way of saying that they're not very good at basketball anymore, but it also has some truth to it. Being a good teammate and generally helping each other out breeds a positive culture. Still, it has no direct effect on what happens on the court.

Orlando Magic forward Quentin Richardson heard this cliche and decided it didn't go far enough. So, with around 4:30 remaining in a very close game against the Spurs, Richardson, from his perch on the bench, yelled into the ear of San Antonio's Danny Green as he shot a corner three. The shot missed, and while Orlando eventually lost the game, this ploy at least made up for Glen Davis' shorts-dropping technical foul.

Congratulations to Richardson for concocting an entirely different way for veterans to help their teams. If Derek Fisher hears about this, he'll stay in the league for another 40 years.

(via TBJ)

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