Video premiere: Chuck Adams shows off fresh start with 'Take Me as I Am'

Yahoo Music

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Chuck Adams has a unique story of artistic rebirth that should inspire anyone disillusioned by their dreams. After having his greatest wish come true — a deal signed with his idol Jay-Z’s Roc Nation — Adams found himself unceremoniously dropped by the label a year later. (To add insult to injury, he discovered the news delivered in a tweet.)

After taking some time off to recoup and get some of his darkest feelings out in his music, Adams dusted himself off and moved to Nashville for a brand-new start. Putting aside dreams of lavish party lifestyles and a massive income, the artist now concentrates on quieter pursuits such as reading and songwriting. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been, but broker than I’ve ever been. And that’s made me appreciate life so much more,” he says. “My life is now what I want it to be. … Though it’s a bit daunting to go back to square one, I trust the process and am taking it a day at a time.”

Yahoo Music is pleased to debut the video for his new single, “Take Me as I Am,” for fans to get a taste of his new direction.

As the title implies, “Take Me as I Am” is about acceptance in both love and life. As an example, he relates walking into a local church and getting “unsolicited prayers because of how I look, all covered in tattoos.”

Chuck Adams
Chuck Adams

“They don’t ask me questions about myself — not that it’s their business anyway — but they immediately judge me and come up with a backstory of their own,” he says. “Same thing with music. People see me and don’t expect me to be making music that sounds like this. But this is me.”

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