Video: Philippine player challenges Omer Asik for basketball’s best/worst flopper

There we were, ready to anoint Chicago Bull center Omer Asik the finest flopper in the NBA, especially after his latest dive in Chicago's win over the Orlando Magic on Monday. But then Lost Letterman alerted us about this fantastic fall from a fellow named Mick Pennisi, who dove as if he was under canon fire following a shot to the head from Will McDonald in the Philippine Basketball Association game. Watch the sordid violence:

McDonald was rightfully ejected from the game, as he should have been, but Pennisi (from Lost Letterman: "'I think I'm going into acting when my career is over,' Pennisi told The Philippine Star afterward") should be ejected from the game of basketball for the next 10-12 years. Even if that dive was the funniest thing we've seen in a long time. Say, since, the last time Omer Asik "took an offensive foul" from Dwight Howard, seen here:

Here is, um, Dwight's reaction.

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Of course, this isn't the first time Asik -- who really is one of the league's best defensive players, even without the tactics -- decided to go goofy in front of the refs. For instance, there was this move from St. Patrick's Day, which even had the notoriously homer-ish Bulls broadcasters Neil Funk and Stacey King howling at what Asik got away with:

And the time he courted Kyle Korver into his line of thinking in a transition play against the Atlanta Hawks earlier this season:

Despite all this, TrueHoop's Beckley Mason didn't even include Omer in either one of his teams, consisting of the NBA's best floppers. It's a per-minute deal, Beckley. Geesh. You have to account for awesome flops per-minute.

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