Video: Paul Pierce steals a Pacers fan's water

Courtside seats are one of the top luxuries an NBA fan can hope for. Not only do you get to live every American's dream and be on TV multiple times in a day, but you also get to be so close to the action that you can smell the players. Actually, I'm not sure that's a positive, but it's indicative of an experience like no other.

Sometimes these fans even get to touch players when they fall into the stands after loose balls. Usually, the player gets back up, shakes the offended party's hand, apologizes for knocking over popcorn, and gets back to the game. Then it's over, and the fan has a story to tell at dinner parties.

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Paul Pierce(notes) does not abide by these rules of comportment. As seen in the video above, Pierce bounded into the stands during Tuesday night's Celtics 95-83 win at Conseco Fieldhouse vs. the Indiana Pacers. Except, instead of running immediately back to the court, he decided to steal a sip of a fan's water.

The victim did not seem terribly upset about Pierce's theft -- in fact, she and most people around her just laughed. But I would have liked to see this woman a few minutes later when her water bottle was empty and she still felt parched. In the moment, Pierce's actions were a lark. The true terror of this crime can only be felt after the fact.

(Via With Leather)

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