Video: One Bulls fan sings to "Beat the Heat"

Lots of people are tired of the Miami Heat, but few have actually done something about it beyond yelling and stomping their feet like angry cartoon characters. It takes a real fan to make something out of their anger, especially when that something is a ridiculous video involving stuffed animals and a chorus imploring the Bulls to "beat the Heat."

It's imperative that you watch every second of this video, because there is enough wonder to last you the rest of the week. What would you associate with beating Miami? If you answered any of the following, you are a crazy person:

1. Stuffed animals fighting each other
2. Three miniature pig figurines getting tucked into a bed
3. Plush basketball microphones
4. Air-balled three-foot jump shots on the playground
5. Drawing random scribbles with a young child

I would keep going, but then we'd be here all day. For now, I'll just pretend that this is what happens in Joakim Noah's(notes) mind when he thinks about basketball.

(Video via The Basketball Jones and the Sun-Sentinel)

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