Video: The Nuggets rap Run-DMC for your holiday pleasure

It's almost Christmas, and you know what that means: extremely awkward team videos for their fans! It's a holiday tradition as old as the Furby, or maybe just YouTube itself. Fans love to watch them, teams love to make them, and bloggers love to post them. It's a win-win for everyone!

The video above features perhaps this year's best entry: the Denver Nuggets rapping and dancing their way through the Run-DMC classic "Christmas in Hollis." Al Harrington(notes) is definitely the most excited to be involved, Shelden Williams(notes) seems the most awkward, and Carmelo Anthony(notes) has the best hand-waves. The less said about Chris Andersen(notes) the better.

The absolute best part, though, is that the Nuggets probably had to film this in October at Media Day. If they seem lacking in Christmas cheer, it's probably because they were spending most of their time thinking about Halloween. On the bright side, they all had some pretty great costumes handed to them.

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