Video: Norm MacDonald and Blake Griffin team up for laffs

Tuesday night, comedic genius Norm MacDonald aired the first episode of his new sports show, "Sports Show," on Comedy Central. It was generally fine, although not quite up to the heights Norm reached in such comedic touchstones as the film "Dirty Work" and his numerous talk show appearances. Maybe Norm needs to make more jokes about crack. Those always worked in the past.

Anyway, while "Sports Show" was not the best thing in the world, it did contain a few inspired bits. One of those, as you can see above, involves MacDonald undergoing amazing makeup work to look like Clippers star Blake Griffin, except it's pretty obvious that they just dubbed Norm's voice over that of Griffin. Still, the basic gag here is funny, especially when Griffin tries some terrible hook shots and attempts to play defense on DeAndre Jordan by weakly slapping him all over his body. Between this sketch and his videos for MySpace, Griffin has proven that he has a surprising knack for comedy.

His teammate Jordan might, as well, although he seems poorly cast in this bit. Anyone who has seen Jordan fly around the paint for the Clippers knows that he punctuates the action rather than sets it up. This is no straight man. DeAndre Jordan is loud and boisterous.

(Video via TBJ)

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