Video: Nick Young goes over the backboard on a wide-open layup ‘attempt’

Ball Don't Lie

Kyle Weidie runs a fabulous Washington Wizards blog entitled Truth About It, which you've no doubt stumbled over between one and 1,200 times in your web surfing career. And though Kyle has been critical in the past of Wiz guard Nick Young, he smartly took to Twitter on Tuesday to defend the scorer's improving defense after ESPN's Michael Wilbon postulated that Young "doesn't play a lick of defense." It was a nice show of balance from Weidie.

Young, buoyed by all of it, responded with this play:

It's one thing to not be able to "get rim" on a shot. But to not get backboard, on a one-on-none layup? Good thing the Wizards came back to shock the Lakers in a win that was as startling as this miss.

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