Video: Nick Young goes off the backboard, through the legs

On Wednesday, we noted that summer pro-am leagues are capturing a great deal of attention now that the NBA is locked out. Part of the reason they're exciting, apart from the fact that we need all the basketball we can get right now, is that players don't take them too seriously. Games are competitive, but the short "season" means that everyone is more interested in having fun than in impressing coaches and general managers.

For proof, check out this dunk by Washington Wizards scorer Nick Young. Not to spoil it, but he goes off the glass and through the legs in a manner similar to Jason Richardson's Best Dunk Contest Dunk Ever from the 2003 competition. By the looks of things, this all happened during an impromptu contest before or after a summer league game. These are the kind of things you don't see when you watch the Wizards play the Grizzlies.

Of course, summer league games aren't as good as real NBA games. But they're a pretty decent substitute.

(Video via TBJ's Trey "The Beek" Kerby)

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