Video: The new “NBA 2K12″ trailer reminds us what we’re missing

For the past few weeks, 2K Games has promoted this fall's "NBA 2K12" primarily as a chance for gamers to go back in time and play with some of the top legends in basketball history. It's a nostalgia trip, which just happens to be a smart pitch at a time when there's no new season to promote.

Still, while the wayback machine is compelling, this game has a chance to connect with fans jonesing for their NBA fix. With no televised games from Chris Paul or Blake Griffin on the horizon, "NBA 2K12" might be the closest thing we get to watching them this year. I mean, just look at the new trailer for the game featured above. To quote Sammy Sosa, it's so real!

A video game is obviously not real life, which will become even clearer when people get the game and realize that the game has none of this year's currently unsigned rookies. But, for now, this trailer makes the game seem like a pretty darn cool facsimile of the NBA we are missing. That's a good way to get people to buy your game.

(Via Red's Army)

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