Video: MMA fighter takes boxing match, disqualified for vicious ground-and-pound elbow knockout

An MMA fighter in Poland who took a boxing match was disqualified Saturday after he knocked out his opponent with brutal ground-and-pound.

The six-round bout between Marcin Sianos and Artur Bizewski took place at Rocky Boxing Night in Koszalin.

Midway through Round 2, Sianos, an 8-7 MMA fighter making his boxing debut, stunned his 9-0 opponent. But rather than continue punching, Sianos tied up Bizewski with a double leg and dropped him to the canvas.

From there, Sianos moved to full mount and devastated Bizewski with two massive elbows, much to the surprise of onlookers.

Boos rained down as the referee pulled Sianos off the injured Bizewski.

After the fight, Sianos fled the the ring (and the arena) as he sprinted down the entrance stage into the back locker room.

Shortly after the incident, Sianos apologized on social media for his actions and took full responsibility. He also indicated his boxing debut may have been his final match.

“I would like to refer to my fight yesterday,” Sianos wrote in Polish. “At the very beginning, I’d like to thank @arturbizonbizewski for the duel. At the same time, my deepest apologies for my unsportsmanliness in the ring… there is no explanation for this, it is reprehensible and I clearly deserved disqualification. Throughout the difficult preparation period, a similar situation has never occurred during any of the sparring matches. I didn’t knock anyone out or elbow anyone, we were training pure boxing. I myself can’t explain my behavior yesterday. I guess I might not be in a professional boxing ring anymore. But I personally think that victory by disqualifying your opponent is not something to be proud of. I do not consider myself a loser, nor Artur Bizewski a winner. … I wouldn’t like to be seen in a negative way, I’ve never experienced any similar behavior in my entire 20 year career and I wouldn’t want this one off incident to affect my sportsmanship. Shout out to all my loyal supporters and thanks for all the positive and negative comments.”

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie