Video: The Minnesota Timberwolves look like so much fun

Nobody ever accused David Kahn of drafting uninteresting talent. The Timberwolves GM might not be the savviest when it comes to dealing with the media or, heck, his own coaches; but he ably represents a great deal of NBAniks when it comes to drafting and/or acquiring everyone's second-favorite project.

That's not a backhanded compliment. Think about it -- Darko, Kevin Love, Michael Beasley, Ricky Rubio, Kosta Koufos, Sebastian Telfair, Sundiata Gaines ... Anthony Randolph? Come on! This guy is an NBA message board, come to life.

And this video, courtesy of Hooped Up (and, in our little break between posts, apparently those bone-giving mugs over at TBJ), we get a good look into everyone's second-favorite pro prospect, and more hope for what could happen with for what has long been my second-favorite team, come fall. Or winter. Or whenever the next NBA season starts.


No website has given David Kahn more stick than this one. But that has rarely precluded us from tuning into Timberwolves games by habit at 8:30 Eastern just about every chance we could during the regular season, nor hoping for the best. And regardless of coach, this crew could lose 62 games next season, even in a 70-game season. It doesn't matter. Lots of kids, lots of talent, lots of fun.

Sure, this video could be the highlight of the team's season. You mad? We aren't.

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