Video: Mike Tyson’s halftime interview goes a little awry

Ball Don't Lie

Poor Mike Tyson. He's not the most eloquent of public speakers, and it's possible he may have been a bit overserved by the time halftime hit during Wednesday's New York Knicks/Sacramento Kings game. Still, fighting through those mitigating factors, the former champ still tried to pull a brave and smiling face during his mumbly, awkward interview with MSG Network's Jill Martin.

The volume is a little high in this clip and, yes, there's a curse word in there. Watch:

I'd heard about this interview before actually seeing it, expecting much worse. Despite whatever was clouding his answers, Tyson was pleasant, smiling and pretty appropriate despite that S-bomb. And the attempted handshake at the end? We're still in Mike's corner after this one.

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