Video: Meet the infamous bearded guy that goes nuts by the 76ers’ bench

Longtime NBA fans might remember the bearded fellow who seemed to show up in just about every Philadelphia 76ers highlight decades ago, repeatedly going into conniptions in the front row of the Spectrum. He can be seen at the six-second mark of this famous clip:

Now, there's another hirsute Sixers fan that seems to be taking his level of overactive fandom to another realm, though usually while kneeling. So much so that he's become an internet legend of sorts over the last few weeks. It turns out the guy doling out the awkward high-fives to Sixers players as they come to the bench, while trying to distract opponents from the comfort of his shorts (you heard me) is real estate magnate and longtime 76ers freak Alan Horwitz. CSN Philly caught up with him earlier this week:

And, while tossing out Philadelphia-related videos in the wake of the team's fantastic 18-8 start? Why not take a look, via Neil Paine of, on the life of Harvey Pollack. Pollack is the Philadelphia statistician who changed the way we follow the game of basketball. Well worth your time:

(HT for the Horwitz video? Skeets.)