Video: Mavs and Heat tussle a bit at midcourt

Sunday's Game 6 between the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks got a little chippy. The breakneck back and forth has more than lived up to hype leading in and after 5 1/2 games of posturing and bad vibes coming from either side, the teams started to mix it up.

In the second quarter on Sunday, Mavs guard DeShawn Stevenson took umbrage at Udonis Haslem essentially acting like DeShawn Stevenson (who had been preening after hitting three 3-pointers in the half), a shoving match ensued, and Heat guard Mario Chalmers exacerbated things by shoving Stevenson from behind.

Watch the video:

Both benches emptied, with Haslem, Stevenson and Chalmers receiving technical fouls. After a fight-free 2011 playoffs, it was rather startling to see both teams preening and pushing, but eventually cooler heads prevailed. No player will be suspended, because players are allowed to come off the bench during a timeout, and it's doubtful that Stevenson or Chalmers will be receiving a suspension following the skirmish.

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