Video: Marc Gasol knows how you feel on a Monday morning, thanks to Chris Paul

No matter how you spent your weekend — playing the hungriest games, drinking with the maddest men, fighting the sinking pit-in-your-stomach feeling that comes with getting your taxes done, watching boatloads of college and pro hoops, whatever — if you're feeling out of sorts, overwhelmed, two steps slow, off-balance and beat this Monday morning, you can take solace in the fact that Marc Gasol knows how you feel.

For his part, the Memphis Grizzlies center can also take solace in the fact that he's most definitely not the first cross-matched big man (or properly matched guard) that Chris Paul has made feel this way, that his Grizz scored a big road win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday to keep pace in the lower half of the Western Conference playoff race, and that no fewer than three people have told me they love him because of his tea party decorum.

And you, friends? You can take solace in the knowledge that, as always, we remain committed to providing the sort of NBA coverage, highlights, analysis and videos of sweet crossovers you need to keep that desktop clock moving. Helping you waste your workday: That's the BDL promise.

Is the clip above not rocking for you? Feel free to watch the evil that point men do elsewhere, thanks to kietasss.

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