Video: Luke Babbitt wins fans free Chalupas, offers best quote of the season

Most every NBA arena has a promotion tied to the final score, whether it involves the home team scoring or giving up fewer than 100 points. It's a nice way to get the fans a little more interested in the game, especially during a blowout. The most famous of these promotions is the Los Angeles Lakers' deal for two free Jack in the Box tacos for every ticketholder if the team keeps the opponent from triple figures, which brings down the house every time even though J-Bo tacos taste faintly of mustard. Free is exciting, though, especially if it's a bonus to a great experience at a basketball game.

Yet these promotions rarely produce the top highlight of a game — they're usually not even notable to anyone outside of the arena, except maybe the fast-food workers who have to put up with increased demand and people yelling about comped dollar-menu items. It was notable, then, when Luke Babbitt made a 3-pointer with 29 seconds remaining to put the Portland Trail Blazers over 100 points in their 101-89 home win over the Sacramento Kings. Sure, it was Babbitt's first NBA basket in 285 days, but it also won every fan in attendance a free Chalupa from Taco Bell. And isn't that what really matters?

Yes, apparently, because the reaction was pretty ridiculous. Not only did the crowd cheer wildly, but Babbitt became a national Trending Topic on Twitter for his generosity. Then, in the locker room, he offered up the leading contender of "Quote of the Season" (via Ben Golliver at Blazersedge):

"It feels good to give the fans Taco Bell."

Many players talk about giving back to the community, but few accomplish something on the court that improves people's lives directly. Babbitt did that, and then said he did it all for the Blazers faithful during a moment of personal triumph. Sign this man to a long-term contract before another franchise recognizes his intangibles for what they are.

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