Video: Lou Williams shows off his rapping skills

There's a common saying that ballers want to be rappers and rappers want to be ballers, and it's been proven enough times to have some merit. Think back to Kobe Bryant, Chris Webber, Allen Iverson (aka Jewelz), et al.

Sadly, most of those guys were terrible rappers, but that hasn't stopped others from trying. We now have our newest entrant in the form of Sixers guard Louis Williams(notes), aka LouWill. Check it out above. Don't worry, all naughty language has been elided, so it's safe for work unless your boss hates even the suggestion of profanity.

Only time will tell if Williams can make music a second career rather than just an entertaining lark. For now, though, enjoy the music and respect the fact that an athlete is getting to do one more thing he loves.

(Video via ProBasketballTalk)

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